Tom Skelly & No Middle Name Play The Great Escape! (& Tom’s tour dates)

Here are Tom’s dates:

tom tour dates

This is an ongoing task, so there will be updates, and of course, confirmation of the venues in a couple of towns listed in the poster.

One update is that he will be playing Funky Wormhole Record shop on Princes Ave in Hull this Saturday at 1pm. Personally I think he should get there at 9am and play every fucking hour on the hour until we have sold out this batch of records, but there you go.

Also his gig at The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, is at the Fiddler’s Elbow at 4pm. This a really big deal and really hard to get on the bill for. All the industry bigwigs, associated klingons and parasites  will be there. It will be the 3rd time I have attended in 3 successive years as a gig-going punter. It is my favourite UK festival too. Mainly because I can’t really be arsed with muddy fields and tents any more. Brighton also has my favourite UK venue, the Green Door Store, where the Holy Orders look to be playing at again this year. That place is just great. I saw Teleman and Sweet Baboo there last year, one after the other. Teleman were the band of the festival last year for me.

No Middle Name, who released his vinyl-only debut last year on Mollusc Records is also playing the Great Escape on Thursday May 8th at the Latest Music Bar, 1.40pm….. a massive Mollusc double bonus, yeah!

Anyway, I digress. Go and see Tom play his solo set at any of these venues, and if you are lucky you may find his band the Salty Beards are accompanying him in some form at some of the gigs. They are a great band.